Designing For People, Not Just Robots and Algorithms.

In a world where we are bombarded with jargon about what should go on websites, we strip out everything unnecessary to deliver simple & engaging digital experiences that appeal to your customers.

Our Website Development and Management Process

Our process varies from project to project, based on our customer’s needs. We might sketch down ideas on scraps of paper or mock up wireframe prototypes, but we always adapt to work in the most efficient way for each project’s needs.

Before we get started, we sit down with our clients to understand what they need, who their audience is and what their goals are for a successful website. Then we review any and all analytics to look for current successes and missed opportunities. Then we get down to business creating a website strategy and design recommendation that accomplishes our customers goal. We factor in everything, from beautiful user experience to effective SEO.

We’re all about collaboration. We work with you, rather than for you. That means our clients are active members of our team and have the chance to comment and provide input during the process.

After we launch a new website, or a new page on your website, our web development team monitors the page to ensure there are are no issues, and that the search engines are happy.

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