Social Media Marketing

Creating social media strategies that work.

Love it and/or hate it, your business needs social media, and you need a social media strategy that effectively cuts through the online clutter. Cultivating and maintaining social followers can seem overwhelming, but with the right content strategy your online presence will keep growing. Why is this important? Because social media gives you a unique insight into what motivates your customers. Talk about priceless insight!

What we do

Every client’s need is different, but our process always starts with discovery. First, we analyze what channels you are using, and what you aren’t using. Then we check out your data to see what is effective and where you have opportunities. Then we take our learnings about your business needs and develop a content calendar that connects the dots between the message and your audience.

Throughout our social media campaigns, we constantly leverage data to make updates to further increase results and cultivate and maintain your audiences across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

What about influencer campaigns?

Social media influencers are experts in their space, and as the name indicates, they have tremendous influence over their followers – which can make or break a business. We work to identify influencers in your space, and can develop outreach campaigns to forge beneficial relationships for your business or organization.

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