Marketing Strategy

Creating smart marketing strategies for smart businesses

Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business can seem overwhelming, but it’s a critical element to growth. When you engage with Marchez Projects, we bring together each of your marketing channels (and some you haven’t considered) to consolidate and amplify your brand voice in a way that shows your customers and prospects that you mean business.

Our Marketing Strategy Process

Successful marketing begins with discovery. We first work with you to understand your current customers, your ideal customers, your goals and your brand voice. That’s a really fancy way of saying we want to know who you sell to now, who do you want to sell to in the future, and what do you want to sound like.

Then we analyze everything you are currently doing. If you have data, we dive right into it to understand your strong points and where there are opportunities to improve. We also take a look at your closest competitors. We like to have numbers on hand because when you marry data with creativity, you amplify your results.

Speaking of creativity, once all the research is over, we put pens to paper, plastering our walls and desks with rough concepts & visual inspiration to kick-start creative thinking. We start connecting the dots between messaging and audiences and channels to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy that works for your business. This keeps your brand cohesive and comprehensive in all channels, and shows your customers that you are a professional, trustworthy organization.

But marketing isn’t static. Throughout our campaigns, we analyze the data to see what’s working and what’s not, and we make changes along the way to keep customers engaged and coming back.

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